NEW: The Genesis And Science Forum

A new Orthodox forum called “GENESIS and SCIENCE” has now been launched. The forum is part of a wider project called The HEXAMERON Project. Its main ambition is to bring together Orthodox Christians from different backgrounds and jurisdictions all working towards achieving the following common goals:
– Assessing both scientific and Christian Orthodox theological perspectives on questions pertaining to the Origins (origins of the universe, origins of mankind, etc.) and exploring ways to correlate these two perspectives;
– Defining a common Christian Orthodox outlook on scientific theories of the Origins such as Evolution or the Big-bang…
– Defining common principles of contemporary Christian Orthodox hermeneutics for Genesis 1-3 in particular (how are we to understand and read Genesis 1-3 today?)

The “GENESIS and SCIENCE” forum is a platform created to enable a dialogue between science and Christian Orthodox theology on the question of the Origins.

The first part of this forum is entitled “Science And Theology In Dialogue” and deals with defining the relation between scientific and theological knowledge.
The second part is entitled “The Hexameron Yesterday And Today” and address the question of how theologians should approach scientific theories of the Origins.
The third and final part is entitled “Genesis And Science” and deals with the actuality of the opening chapters of the Bible on the question of the Origins.

This forum is the prelude to our future workshops entitled “The BIG BANG and the BIBLE” and “EVOLUTION and the BIBLE”.

If you want to join this fascinating discussion, click on the link below and send a request to the board :


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