Why we need a theological perspective on the Origins?

RedBible-floueHow would Orthodox theologians justify the need for a theological perspective of the Origins?

We need a theological perspective of the Origins because

1) …We believe the experience of God at the base of theology to be genuine.

A science that would dismiss knowledge from true experience inevitably produces a partial and incomplete knowledge of reality.

2) …it connects our reality to its ultimate cause.

Science deals only with natural causes. It needs a theological perspective in order to root its observations of the natural world in the wider knowledge of the Creator.

3) …Because it establishes truths about the relationship of God with His Creation.

For instance, Theology establishes essential distinctions between the physical and the spiritual realms, between the nature of the created world and that of the uncreated God, between created energy and the uncreated divine energy, etc.


Posted February 16, 2014 by genesisandscience

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